Chaos Captain Moc(混沌船长)
[Moonlight Fortress]

Lvl: 50
HP: about 619 million
Type: Devil/Boss
GS: 5900
Ver. Chaos

Recommended stats:
93+ accuracy
20+% piercing
10+% p/m Piercing
15%+ [helpful other stat]
+14-+15 epic weapon
lvl 30+ blue combat pet
(and As much hp/def as possible)

Recommended Party:
1x Priest(HS,DPS,Healing)
1x Knight(Bubble, Beyblade duty)
8x Ranged Dps

Notes: 2 Lowest dps of party on x-bows
-Designate bomb/lifesaver duty ahead of time!
-2x Lowest dps of party on x-bows

Chaos moc:
Moc Body slam: He does a crouch, then jumps Forward* and slams into the ground. Does heavy damage, and will stun if you ain't ded. (*sometimes he jumps in place. lolz)
Enrage/Shield: Casts a buff that increases his attack damage and Defense. Avoid getting hit at all costs when he's enraged. Use xbows that spawn to break his rage/shield

Note: If you get hit by any of these attack (and survive) you'll get a stacking Defense debuff!

Moc Slash He does a swipe with his sword. Go behind him with skills such as teleport or x-slash OR side step it do dodge.
Enraged Moc Slash its like his normal slash, but he only uses it while enraged. Does more damage, and has a much larger hit-box as he moves forward while doing this.
Moc Charge with a twirl of his sword, then he charges forward. recommended you side step this. (there is enraged version of this, only difference is it hurts more)

Self Heal: If the captain loses aggro (Ie: he jumps to an island and nobody attacks him within 5 seconds) He will heal like 20m hp. So don't let that happen!

Ball of death: He will single out a single party member and throw a homing purple ball of death. touch it and you will likely die. (else stun if you live)

Moc Cannon ball: The captain launches a ball, it forms a Red telegraph on the ground, then blows up shortly after. You will likely die if you don't dodge this.

Moc AoE Stun attack: red text will appear and cmoc will crouch down. If a Knight is available, Hide in a bubble. Else SCATTER ALL OVER THE MAP to reduce the death count. He tends to use a Charged-shot after this.

Moc Charged-Shot: Moc's hook hand turns into a Mega-buster and he charges up a large cannon-blast. Make sure to be outside the Red-highlighted area ;3 (tip: If there are stunned party members, try to bait his shot away from em.)

Normal Cannon ball: A normal cannon ball that knocks people over.(careful of this one!)
Water cannon ball: Tower mobs will launch a water cannon ball that will place a Yellow Plus on the floor. It will blow up shortly after stunning anyone whose on it.
Ps: if you can't see the floor, make note of where the blue cannonballs hit!

Beyblades: around the 70% hp mark Beyblades will start spawning. They will target and stalk nearby party members, so make sure to have the dps'ers near the 12-o-clock position when they spawn. If you are targeted, Guide the beyblade along the thin strip of land over the spikes to kill em.

Phase 1
aggro moc to start Cannoneer(11-o-Clock) + center mobs + Right island mobs

Cannoneer*(12-o-clock)* + center mobs + left island mobs *immune to attack for its 1st shot. Watch out!

fire cannon to make moc come down ~ 835m(90% left) hp he jumps back up

Cannoneer(11-o-clock) + center mobs + left island

Cannoneer*(1-o-clock) + center mobs + 1-o-clock mobs *kill asap. low hp 1-o-clock mobs kill via jumping and attack or using skills like fire tornado i recomended firing cannon after 1-o-clock mobs dead fire cannon to make moc jump down

Phase 2(beyblades n' mobs)
Cmoc will start out with a AoE stun attack. so gather in the knights bubble else if knight can't bubble scatter around to reduce death count. He will follow with a Charge shot after the stun attack, so if anyone is stunned, try to bait his cannon fire away from the 'em.

normal for a while.

When Hp left is around 676m(75%) Beyblades (Tower mobs too!) will start to spawn.
Try to keep within the 12-o-clock area to avoid taking the beyblade's aggro. (recommended to have a knight on beyblade duty!)

He will re-spawn the mobs about every 30 seconds. If the party is excessively strong, kill the mobs to make things easier during this phase. Else if dps is low, just reduce hp of the tower mobs close to death, and kill em after the next phase starts.(party will have to dodge more!)

When hp is around 491m(53%) next phase will start.

Phase 3
He will start out with another AoE stun attack. so do the same procedure as last phase. also 1-o-clock mobs spawn.

Kill tower mobs and 1-o-clock mobs spawn asap. (they won't respawn for a while :P)

normal…. but island jumping! When he jumps island make sure to chase him. if he loses aggro he's gonna heal! Also when he jumps he spawns center mobs. have one dps and one knight stay behind to kill the mobs before moc jumps back to main island.

this will repeat till cmoc health reachs like 361m(40% left)

Phase 4(enrage + xbows)
moc will cast Enrage + shield

charge, charge, forwards slash, charge, jump, charge shot.

charge shot will open up the area it destroys and will spawn xbows. Have 2 low dps on the xbows to destroy his shield(note xbow does alot of dmg!)

normal + charged shots

this will repeat until moc's hp reachs like 184m(20% left)

Final phase (poison)

Moc will unleash poison onto the whole field! If you are in the poison, your damage will be reduced, and you will take damage over time.

Standing on a lifesaver to avoid poison

have Barrel and lifesaver people do their thing. (ps hop while carrying lifesaver or barrel-bomb to reduce poison damage taken)
lifesaver 1:
set up near boss so people can dps.

lifesaver 2:
Set up one life saver near 1-o-clock towers. mobs will pop up here everytime moc casts AoE stun. (kill when they spawn!!!!)

If you throw a bomb at cmoc, it will stun him. You can mostly stunlock him so long as you keep an eye on his stun duration timer.
Two exceptions:
A: If he does and island jump, u can't stun him B: If he does a AoE stun, the beginning of the animation is immune to stun. (you gotta wait a second or 2 before u can stun him to cancel his AoE stun

If he casts/does an AoE stun. 1-o-clock mobs will spawn. so kill em asap.(they can stun the party)

If he jumps to an island. chase him and dps asap. He will heal if no one aggros

This phase will last until he dies. good luck!!!!