Chaos Papulatus (混沌闹钟)
[Ludibrium Clock Tower]

cpap.jpg Lvl: 50
HP: about 1.45 billion
Type: Machine/Boss
GS: 7800
Ver. Chaos

Recommended stats:
95+ accuracy
20+% piercing
10+% p/m Piercing
20%+ [helpful other stat]
+15 epic weapon
lvl 50 blue/epic combat pet

Recommended Party:
1x Priest(Healing/Buff)
1x Knight(Bubble/Support)
3x Ranged (Dps/Bombs/Mobs)
5x Super Dps

Note: There are like 3 floors/stories you gotta worry about…

Double-Punch: Papulatus will punch twice, move forward with each punch.

The Pap Clap: Papulatus will spread his arms out before doing a nightly clap. Beware the shock wave! you also can become slow

The Pap Slam: A white circle will appear around Papulatus, He lifts his arms, then he slams down. (getting hit will launch you into the air unless you use a stagger-resistant skill)

It's Debuff time:
Papulatus will surround himself with a clock-like-markings on the ground. Each number gives a different debuff/ different effect. (too lazy to test em all… just avoid)

Forward Laser: Papulatus will blast a laser in front of him for a few seconds…. dodge this.
is 2 seconds when aimed towards the party.
longer duration when it faces 5 or 7 o'clock directions, bombers git out the way (down the ladder)

Laser spin: Papulatus with blast lasers in two directions, and will proceed to rotate. (it's recommended you dodge the laser)

SUCC and Blast: Papulatus will pull every towards the center of his attack, while continuously doing damage.
you can hide behind him, his big body will block you from being sucked in

Panic Spin: Papulatus will continuously spin while continuously dealing damage(15% of health) via shockwaves. Every once and a while a gear icon will pop up on the floor and a gear will fall onto that spot shortly after. (after 23% -last phase, the gear will stun if you get hit by it)

Phase 1: Mobs & bombs

When Papulatus has 2 shield buffs up, He'll only take 90% of incoming damage, so make sure to use the red spring bombs to break his shield!

At around 95% hp left, Papulatus will start summoning mobs on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

11 and 1 o’clock(Ranged DPS): Dps boss until dark star spawns on the 2nd floor(clear with hammers)
7 o’clock (HG/Wiz/RB): Continuously throw spring bombs to break barrier.
Occasionally need to go to 2nd floor to take down protoid/small star adds
5 o’clock: Throw spring bombs to break barrier and kill the occasional big-star add
Everyone else: DPSing the boss for phase push

Here is a picture guide on how to reach each of the mobs: (Larger image)

Papulatus summons 3 types of mobs.

  1. Mini-bombs: These lil' guys can be killed with any attack. If this lil guy blows up; it'll knock 30 seconds off the time remaining. So make sure to kills these guys 1st. (Do note these guys might spawn on the 3rd floor, so it'll be hand to have a high hitting player nearby to handle it)
  2. Laseroid: This guy shoots lasers at 2nd floor players. This laser knocks the hammer outta your hand, so its recomended you kill these guys before handling Big bombs.
  3. Big-bombs: These guys can only be killed efficiently with a hammer. If this one blows up; it'll knock 60 seconds off the clock!

At around 65% hp, He'll start the next phase.
(He'll break the 2nd and 3rd stories, so those mobs won't spawn anymore. yay!)

Phase 2: Math time

Two new attack to pay attention to:

IT'S MATH TIME: Papulatus will cast a Blue or Purple buff on himself(1 minute duration)
and the same coloured debuff on you(15/25/35/55 second duration).
He will then summon Math tiles onto the floor.(x2 x3 ÷2)

Blue buff: Get hit with Papulatus's Fist and you'll be SP-debuffed
Purple buff: Papulatus's Laser will turn Red and you'll be stunned if you get hit by the laser.

Same colour debuff will protect you from Papulatus's own Buff-effects!
Your objective is to get your coloured debuff duration to be as close to papulatus's own buff duration as possible.
Use the math tiles to increase/decrease your debuffs duration!
-If your time is too low, you will lose the debuff and will have to deal with papulatus's additional buff effects.
-if your time is too high, When Papulatus cast's the next round of debuff/buffs, you won't be able to receive it (1 whole minute of pain. lol)
PS: Papulatus might increase his own buff by like 30 seconds, so make sure to look out for that!!!

Flame ballz of death: Papulatus hands will light on fire after starting a purple phase. He will shoot out a few homing red ballz that will track onto players and hit them(can't be dodged). the 1st hit doesn't really hurt all that much, but it'll form a 2ndary Gear pattern that will blow up after 2 seconds for HEAVY damage
(the gear blowing up is an AOE effect so other party members gotta dodge it too).
If you DON'T HAVE A PURPLE DEBUFF, the initial hit will stun you….

credit to for footage!

He'll start with blue buff and will swap between Blue & Purple buffs till you hit the next phase at around 23% hp left

Phase 3: Panic & Bombs

He'll cast a Shield, walk to center, he'll start a panic spin.
have people camp the glass enclosure. If a gear falls on it, it'll break open allowing you to get some spring bombs!(use 'em to break his shield!),
ps: panic spin hurts a lot…. make sure to spam potions, healing lapentiers, and stay close to the priest!

When the panic spin ends, 3 large-bomb mobs will spawn. Make sure to boop 'em with the hammer before they blow up. It's recommended you have a class(ie: RB or gunner) that can pull mobs together so that it'll be easier to KO all 3 at once.

He'll be normal for a while till he restarts the process.

Repeat until ded.

Credit to: (where ever applicable)
Korean Namu wiki

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