Cold Blooded Baphomet

Cold Blooded Baphomet / 冷血巴风特
Type Demon
Level Lvl. 50
HP 29,946,622
Map Location Snow Peaks
Spawn Time XX:15


It was the first of three Baphomet's brothers who, after three Sage were defending Mapple world, were confused by the devil.The Cold Blooded Baphomet had the destructive power surpassing the other two brothers. One of the most brutal of the Baphomets is the most frightening of all the three warriors and heroes.

– Level 1 Knight

English Name:

Chinese Name:

Like the Furious Baphomet, his attacks can stack and deal a lot of damage over time. Try not to get hit too many times in a row, and avoid the attack patterns below.

Attack Patterns
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