In Maplestory 2. you dismantle stuff to get fancy rocks. use these fancy rocks to enhance equipment.

Find a dismantler

or open up your inventory and click the dismantler button

Shove stuff into it, then hit the yellow button and you get rocks!(or maybe powders)

When you dismantle…..

  • Low rank equips: you get Onyx [玛瑙结晶] (Used for weapon enhancement)
  • Purple rank equips (or better): you get Chaos Onyx [混沌玛瑙结晶] (Used for weapon enhancement)
  • Fashion equips: you get pink heart gems [特殊时装水晶] (Used to open fashion-equip gem slots or upgrade fashion gems)
  • Gems: You get coloured powders (used to upgrade gems)
  • Not availible in GMS2Fashion gems: You get pink and blue powders (used to upgrade Fashion gems)


Ophelia(left. Red hair). Peachy(right. black hair)

(Chance based enhancement, less materials but chance to fail. Only takes one pass to upgrade)

  • No boom on fail. Just loss of materials
  • After +10, You will start to need “Fodder”(equips of the same name) to attempt further upgrades:
  • +10→11→12 needs 2 fodders per attempt, 12→13→ takes 3 fodders per attempt.
  • Everytime you fail chance based enhancement, you will get “enhancement charges” you can use on future attempts to raise your chances. Be warned “enhancement charges” are consumed upon usage, even if it failed.
Attempt Success rate Fodders required
0→1→2→3 100% 0
3→4 95% 0
4→5 90% 0
5→6 80% 0
6→7 70% 0
7→8 60% 0
8→9 50% 0
9→10 40% 0
10→11 30% 2
11→12 20% 2
12→13 15% 3
13→14 10% 3
14→15 ?% ?

(100% enhancement, always works, but uses exponentially more materials)

  • Note: after a few enhancements, equips will Take more than one Peachy-enhancement before it upgrades.
  • After +9 Crystal Ore[水晶原石] are required for peachy enhancements.
  • Crystal Ore[水晶原石] are obtained obtained after reaching lvl 50 and obtaining “Normal/Hard adventure Bonus box” by doing normal/Hard dungeons.
  • Crystal Ore[水晶原石] are untradeable. so they are slow to get

Look at the Bar under your weapon/amours Stats to see how many Pass it'll take to upgrade your weapon.
Ohphelia-enhancement completely ignores this Bar.


  • The common white shard can be purchased from potions shops for 1000 mesos each
  • Chaos Onyx [混沌玛瑙结晶] comes from dismantling purple-ranked equipment
  • Equips get exponentially stronger after +9. +10 equipment or better are highly desired.
  • Only weapons and armours Armours can be enhanced. Codex and shield can't be refined.

1. Press “i” to open up your inventory, and click the Enhance button (anvil

2: Select a Girl (see above for details)

3: Pick pick an equip to enhance and hit the yellow button

OUTDATEDAt level +9 and above, if it fails then the weapon will become Cursed.
You can still use Cursed weapons in game but can't enhance them anymore. Crystal Ore[水晶原石] are obtained from lvl 50+ dungeon clears(1 per clear). current data:
purple-ranked 2h/1h weapon:
+9→+10 : 192 x 5 Purple-ranked White shards[水晶原石]
+9→+10 192 x 10 Purple-ranked White shards[水晶原石]
legendary 2h/1h weapon:
+9→+10 : 192 x 5 Purple-ranked White shards[水晶原石]
+10→+11 384 x 10 Purple-ranked White shards[水晶原石]

Generally for lower-ranked equipment, I tend to Just use Lily-enhancements until its Curses.

As for More Valuable weapons (like a Legendary weapon), I Tend to use Lily till +9.
Then I try to do Peach-Enhancement till +10 or +11. Then I Lily till it curses. Its generally a good idea to do as many lvl 50+ dungeons as possible daily to gather up purple-ranked white shards to use with lily later down the line~\\