Miyu's CMS2 English Patch Guide

Guide to use the eng patch, credit to Miyu

1. Open the files explorer

2. Go to C:\Program Files\腾讯游戏\冒险岛2\Client\Data 2. Or the location where you installed game, it could be different for wegame.

3. Rename the files Xml.m2d and Xml.m2h to Xml.m2d.cn and Xml.m2h.cn

4. Copy the eng files from here: https://miyuyami.github.io/ms2_patches.html ,(Last update 1/4/2018) into the folder

5. Then run the game in English ^^ (Tested using we game client)

6. Whenever there's a new patch for the game, the English patch will be outdated
Before updating the game, you with need to switch back to Chinese
You will need to remove the English patch (delete the .m2d / .m2h) and switch back to the Chinese one (change from .cn to .m2h)
After updating, you can add the outdated eng patch again using above steps, but items will be missing
To play the game in Chinese again, just follow the instructions of removing and switch back to Chinese.