Field Bosses

A field boss monster appears at specific time on a specific map. You can see the location of the boss and the channels of the boss in the world map. Below are common properties for field boss monsters.

A single field boss monsters appear every 60 minutes.

  • At the time of its appearance, it is displayed as a red mushroom with a large horn on the world map.
  • Field boss monsters appear on all channels at the same time, but on only on some of the channels at random.

If the field Boss HP is not cut down within 5 minutes of appearance, the boss disappears.

  • If the boss does not lose HP for a certain amount of time, the boss will recover.

When you actively participate in the field boss monster killing, you will surely drop a similar rare equipment item, and depending on the boss level, from 1,000 to 10,000 mesos.

  • The active participation bonus is to reduce the boss HP 3%, and when active, the elite equipment sometimes drops instead of the rare equipment. Additional experience is also given. You can get a unique boss item with a very low probability. [Note: GMS2 is lame. world bosses don't drop epic equipment in gms2]
List of Field Bosses
Level Name/Nickname Chinese Name
18 Dun Dun 蛙王
32 Lulu and Momos 洛洛和姆姆斯
40 Furious Baphomet 愤怒的巴风特
50 Ica Le Madrid 冰炎龙兽
50 Akreon/Leon 亚克雷文
23 Griffon 格里芬
50 Cold-Blooded Baphomet 冷血巴风特
50 Ureus 咒术师乌斯
30 Griffina
43 Toto and Waggus
18 Bajar
35 Giant Turtle
40 Alpha Turtle
27 Mark 52 Alpha Bot
40 Lernos
21 Devilin Warrior
47 Pecanos
50 Ahmadon