1. Overview

This is the guild system in MS2.

It is a good way to join up with friends or like-minded players.

Here is a link for guild translations. Guild Translatoins

2. In Game Details

2.1 Guild Recruitment Types

When creating a guild, you can assign a type to it depending on your playstyle. The types include

  • Access time zone: What times you play in
  • Age range: The age range of the guild
  • Taste: The play style of the guild
    • PvE / Dungeon Tour: Daily or weekly compensation reset each time you form a party between the guild members
    • Design: UGC, profile photo
    • Play: Sheet music production, musical instrument playing, artistic sense and so on It is mainly concentrated on the Tria / Queenstown map.
    • Fellowship: It is a kind of chatting in the game and concentrating on human relationships. Most guilds give priority to this.
    • PvP: So the battle between another player or guild. They also share PvP related information with each other.
    • Trophies: Based on how many trophies you have

2.2 Skills

There guild skills and personal skills. Both skills can be upgraded by the guild founder using the guild funds.

Guild Skills

These skills cost guild funds and give a bonus to all guild members.

Personal Skills

These skills cost mesos and give bonuses only to you.

List of guild skills / what's needed to upgrade it

2.3 Guild Events

There a few events which can be started by anyone who has the permission/role to activate the event.

Guild Dance Dance Stop: It is possible to match every Saturday from 19:00 to 20:00 (GMT+8). 1 game Total 2 Guilds are divided into enemy team and blue team, and if one team is more than the other team during one of the 5 rounds, it is a round victory.If you win 3 wins in 5 rounds first you win, or you can win if you survive with most wins at the end. If you win, you can get many guild funds and guild experience. If one of the guilds is less than 10 after entering the game, the game ends with an automatic loss.

Final Survivor: Same as MC K's event However, there is no compensation.

Spring Beach: Same as MC K's event However, there is no compensation.

Red Duel: Same as MC K's event It's the same way as MC K's event. However, there is no compensation. It is mainly used when guild members play 1: 1 against each other.

Barbosa's Treasure Island: Same as MC K's event It's the same way as MC K's event. However, there is no compensation.

2.4 Guild House

All guilds come with a guild house. This house is a nice way to meet up with guildmates and hang out. There are 5 levels of guild houses and different types of guild houses which can be bought at each level. Depending on the level, there are also certain amenities and levels of the NPC which are unlocked. The level and funds needed to upgrade are shown below, along with what which upgrade brings.

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In the guild house, the founder can also purchase NPCs which can be used for quests or to buy items

Quest NPC This NPC gives weekly and daily quests, depending on its level. The types of quests and its rewards are shown below

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Weapon NPC This NPC can sell weapons and weapon skins

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Item NPC This NPC can sell useful items, some of which are required for the guild raids.

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2.5 Guild Level and Funds

As spoken about before, the guild comes with a level and funds. The level allows for various upgrades within the guild, such as max guild size, what NPC's can be hired, the max fund size, and other upgrade benefits. The guild funds allow for the founder to buy and upgrade various aspects of the guild system.

Depending on your guild level, you will have a certain guild size and guild fund size. This table is shown below. {Add Table}

2.6 Guild Raids

Guild Raids are a difficult raid which can be completed with your guild members. These raids require teamwork in order to complete the various parts. Details of each raid and links to the guide are listed below.

Avatar 1: Link (to separate page)

Avatar 2: Link (to separate page)

Avatar 3: Link (to separate page)

Avatar 4: Link (to separate page)

Avatar 5: Link (to separate page)

2.7 Joining A Guild

Often times, a guild will recruit through either in-game chat or through Reddit. You can look for guilds using the search button.

Active Guilds

(PM Rak or Meowmaster on discord if you want your guild added here)

Queenstown / 女王鎮 Server :

Bifrost: Casual Guild → Based in USA Timezone

Royals: Hardcore Guild → Based on SG Timezone