A bit ago the Chinese governmentment blocked a whole bunch of stuff: so a good chunk of mudfish nodes dont work with cms2 anymore. If u still really need to use a pingbooster with cms2: use xunyou instead (the cms2 website has a link to a custom cms2 xunyou client in their download page)

Mudfish VPN (ping booster)

Your ping probably isn't gonna be very good…. (maybe 700+)

Using a service like mudfish can reduce it down to a playable ping (300 or less)


1. Setting up mudfish

1: Sign up for an account https://mudfish.net/

2: Download Mudfish and then install it (ie run the program) https://mudfish.net/download

3: Open the client The client will either be on the desktop or at the location C:\Program Files (x86)\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe

(it may not be that location, depends on where you installed it in step 2.)

Next, run the program (as admin) and sign in

(if it is slow or loading, wait up to 5-10 minutes for it to configure, and then restart program and then computer)

4: Buy some credits.

(there is a 100% refund for up to two weeks from purchase As stated on the website : At this moment, we are guaranteeing '100% money back within 2 weeks'. Please contact us to support@loxch.com if you're not happy with our service.)

On your dashboard, go to Credit → Buy (Minimum charge of $3)

Direct link when mudfish is running →

5: Wait for credits to appear, then go to Setup → Account → Edit Profile

Direct Link when mudfish is running:

Change the Data Plan to “Subscription”


6: Go to Setup → Program

Direct Link when mudfish is running:

Turn on “FastConnect Mode”

7: Go to Item → Equip Items

Direct Link when mudfish is running:

Add Maplestory 2. Leave the settings as is.

8: Go to Item → Manage Items

Direct Link when mudfish is running:

Click on Maplestory 2 and then Setup

and make sure to have these settings, as shown in the picture

Auto Refresh - On

Server Location - Asia (China)

Today's Path - (random paths )

Nodes : Basic Mode , nodes can be any of the HK Azure/Aliyun nodes, sometimes tinmok

(Check the ping to see if it's low and see if the graph looks stable with not too many spikes.)

Active : Off

2. Using mudfish

1: Launch mudfish(as admin). Sign in as with set up and you will be at dash board If everything goes well, you will see this.

2: Open up the maple2 client(or bring up the game page in wegame)
Check to make sure maple2 doesn't need to update. If it needs to update, update it before using turning on mudfish. Run the game and make sure it goes to the character select screen.

3: Switch back to your mudfish dashboard, hit turn on the maple2 equip, say yes to the popup dialog box.

4: Log into your character and check your ping.

You can check your ping by going to video settings and turning the show FPS option on.
It will show up as FPS (PING).

5: Make sure after you log off, turn MS2 option off on your dashboard for next time. (If you forget, it's not big deal, you can just turn it off/on at launch next time)

3. Trouble Shooting

Using Node Manager? Why? I don't use it, so I can't help with that …

It's taking too long? Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, restart computer if you didn't after installing mudfish The graph shown in dashboard will also be blank if still loading, wait a while untill you see lines before using mudfish.

On Windows 10? If you're on Windows 10, it creates multiple networks when running mudfish

And sometimes depending on router settings or the isp, it might not use dhcp so it won't work so you can force ipv4 by making a shortcut -I option

This is done by creating a shortcut and setting the target to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe” -I

Make sure it's capital i, not lowercase L.

Create shortcut

Set target

Set name

Use this now to start mudfish