Newbie Guide(冒险岛2 / CMS2)

This guide will help you get start with Chinese Maplestory 2!
Not a newbie? try this guide instead: Endgame Guide

Everything will be in chinese!
If you got a smartphone, the google translate app
will let you point your camera at the text and it'll translate!:
Google translate app guide

If you are trying to connect to cms2 from outside of china, you will very likely face high ping and unstable connections(lag/rubberbanding).
to correct this, you will likely need to use a Ping booster (different from normal vpn)
Note: The ping value you see in the client/server select is incorrect. ping value ingame is very different. (turn on in-game fps to see it)
The bad news is ping boosters aren't free~ (mudfish 1$/month, Xunyou 5$/month, WTFast 10$/month)

  • Mudfish guide
  • Xunyou: no guide yet but official cms2 xunyou client
    (use google translate to assist with making account. 3 day trial)
  • WTFast: I didnt test this out yet lol

You'll want to want 350ms ping stable (or lower) if you plan to do raids/dungeons

Unlike KMS2, Cms2 has:

  • Multiple worlds! (Makes sure to select the 女王鎮 server)
  • You can easily make an account. It allows of phone numbers from all over the world!
  • You can play cms2 without registering any Identification(wegame method)
    (though you will face a 3 hour daily play limit)

so uhhh…. here are the Account creation/Installation/Login/18+ registration guides:

  • CMS2 via Wegame I recommend this method
  • CMS2 via Normal client update 2/8/18 update changed normal client to wegame. But still with errors
  • Google Drive Updated 2/28/18

After you are done logging in for 1st make a character then do tutorials until you make it to Lith Harbor

Now we can start to mess with the settings~
Here is a translation guide for most of the settings menu: Game settings

First thing you need to do is Turn on in-game ping/fps display.
Ping will be displayed in (). You'll want this number to be below 350 if you plan to play the game mostly lag free

Here is the default Keyboard layout. (you can remap most of the key in the game settings. 4th tab)

Chat menu stuff: Speaking english in all chat is a bit risky. I recommend you switch it to guild chat or something like that.
(worst that'll happen is 5 day chat ban =3=)

Btw Your all Default Chat tab will be absolutely flooded with megaphones to fix that….
1: Click the + next to the chat bar to make a new tab

2: Set up these settings to look like this to filter out most of the megaphones
You can drag your chat tabs around. Whatever is furthest to the left will be the default chat the game defaults to on login

there are plenty icons and menus to know!
As a new player: Make note of the Tutorials and Content guide button. They give you free stuff as you level-up!


BiFrost Always has room for new active members :3 (make sure to switch to guild chat!)

Do epic quests (Yellow ! and ?). Most of your skill and bonus stat points are locked behind epic/story quests. Scroll down for more details

Do MC-KAY Event pop ups. They pop up at XX:05 and XX:35, gives lots of exp, and it scales as you level up.
Note: if you are on certain maps/ instanced areas you won't get the pop up.

7. Story quests (epic)

Epic quests are essentially the story mode of ms2. Completing it will get you all the way to lvl 50!
(Takes about 4-5 hours to finish all of the quests if you rush it)
This outline will help ya if you get stuck: epic_quests
Btw the epic story line gives out a whole bunch of Stat & Skill points. Make sure to do it!

Hold X to swim faster or move faster while in a fast mount

Holding down Shift key, while clicking items and trophys will link it into your chat bar. you can copy/paste the text btw

Can't read chinese? or need a guide? I got you covered~ (sorta)