10 Man Raids

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1. Overview

1.1 What are raids?

The 10 main raids are one of the end game contents of Maplestory 2.
These include the Normal Raids, Chaos Raids, Guild Raids (Avatar), and Reverse Raids.

1.2 How to access them

To view the different raids, you can visit the entrance directly from the map, or you can use the shortcut by pressing 'V'. From here, you can view the different raids and queue for them. (pic for raid info)

More information on how to queue is shown below.

1.3 In-game info

Once you queue for a raid, you will be asked to enter the map. Here you will be placed with either 9 other random players, or players you know if you queued in a party. Often times, a raid will require a party of two priests, two knights, and 7 DPS classes. More information on the raid mechanics and how to defeat them will be seen in the sections below.

Once you complete a raid, you will receive random items from the dungeon. The list of uncommon/ rare items which you can receive will be seen from the raid information. You can complete a raid up to 5 times per week, and this counter is also shown in the bottom right of the raid information. Once you complete 5 raids, you will no longer receive rewards for that raid. To extend your rewards, you can purchase (副本奖励次数增加券) coupons to extend your reward. These come with premium or can be purchased for merit.

2. List of the Raids

Maple Story 2 Raid List
熏炎龙兽 迷宫集会堂 路贝里斯克 不灭神殿 符文圣殿 超链接之树

More Info on Guild Raids here : Guild Raids

Maple Story 2 Guild Raid List
Avatar 1 Avatar 2 Avatar 3 Avatar 4 Avatar 5 Avatar 6
(replace) (replace) (replace) (replace) (replace) (replace)

More Info on Chaos Raids here : Chaos Raids

Maple Story 2 Chaos Raid List
1 2 3
Devorak Moc Paputatus
(replace) cpapface.jpg

More Info on Reverse Raids here : Reverse Raids

Maple Story 2 Reverse Raid List

3. How to Queue for Raids

3.1 Random queue(random):

  1. Press V
  2. Then hit the yellow button (upper-right box) to start the Random queue!

3.2 Manual random queue:

  1. Press V
  2. hit the cog wheel for 10man dungeons settings
  3. manually select the 10man raid(s) you want, hit ok
  4. Then hit the yellow button to start the Random queue!

Do note that if you see people rapidly leaving the party, it usually means:

  • Not enough priests (at least 2 priests is the usual favorite
  • Not enough knights (Certain raids require a Knight, Ie: Balrog)
  • Not enough dps to Clear raid
  • They want more dps than required(make the run faster)

In party queue search

Raid 1: 火蜥蜴 (Salamander)

Raid 2: 迷宫 (Kabo)

Raid 3: 老麦 (Magnus)

Raid 4: 不灭 (Balrog)

Raid 5: 符文(Nutaman)

Raid 6: 狗头 (Khandura)

金团 is paid service, avoid that

混沌 is for chaos versions

扎昆 for zakum

闹钟 for pap