Registration & Installation (using wegame)
So you wanna play Chinese Maplestory 2 (冒险岛2 / CMS2) eh?
welp, you came to the right place~

What is wegame? It's essentially Tencent's attempt at a Chinese steam.
Why wegame? Faster updating/download and Server names will show up correctly, even if your system isn't set to chinese locale.
(Your system might still need support for Chinese character enabled)
Don't wanna use wegame? Heres the old guide:registration_old
Already have cms2 installed? Wegame will detect it and add it to its game library.
What if I wanna use the normal client later? go to where wegame installed the game and it should be: 冒险岛2\TCLS\Client.exe

1a) Create a QQ account at (You can use about any phone number, so long as it can receive text) Username is Not used for login. SAVE THE QQ NUMBER.

1b) If the site doesn't work, you can try to use the qqi international app. Some people have better success using this.

2) Go to and download the client via the yellow button. Install after download is complete

3) Launch wegame, and log into with your QQ and password from step 1. Then go through the 1st log in the tutorial.

4) To install maplestory2, scroll down on the storefront of wegame and you'll find maple2. Else search for “冒险岛2”

Once on the page there will be a blue button with a file size listed within in. click it to install maple.

5) Click the home icon on top of wegame to go to your installed games and click maple2 to open up the page.
Note: green button means update. orange button means its ready to launch. Grey button means launching/ already launched.

1st time you log in, the game will ask you to pick a server.
psstt. I recommend the 女王鎮 server (BiFrost[English] & Royals[mixed] Guild)

6) Play the game!*

*this method does not automatically bring up the 18+ verification form, so your account will be have 3 hour play time restriction limit everyday unless you do age verification.

if you play less than 3 hours a day, you will be fine. else…..

Try logging into The game via the normal client. It might bring up the Verification window. If it does, the translation can be found here(step8).

If that doesn't work:

1) Head to this website

2) Login

3) enter in your name, Chinese ID # and then hit the confirm button.
(Google for “Chinese ID checksum - code-complete” for info about Chinese id. Do note that the restrictions are only lifted if you are 18+ ;3)

save the cid, name, phonenumber, birthday you registered with. You might need it later to get unbanned

and confirmation should look like this:

untested: you can also register using your passport