Shadow Lands

Time to get serious.
Pretty much, this part of the world is an PVP warzone filled with strong monsters.

Basic info:

  • You can access the shadow Lands via entry points throughout the land.
    (story quests show you one these entry points)
  • Your hp will be increased by about 10x, but your potions don't get the same boost…
  • Hang out near hp recovery spots to heal faster.
  • Mobs drop % potions from time to time.
  • If you get rekted by another player, you'll respawn a few seconds later~

Besides murdering other players, why else should I hunt here?
Answer: Equipment Gems

Specifically these ones: 战斗力宝石

Before hunting the shadow lands, I recommend you have at least a +9 purple weapon and +9 purple Overalls/Bottom+top
(or bring along a party, no friendly fire when in party :3)
How to shadow world:
1: Kill noobs & bots.
2: Runaway from those who are stronger than you.
3: Find a map with lvl 51+ mobs and kill a bunch of em.

Peer at thy mini map, red dots will show up after a while.
(If you hold down your tab key, the minimap will expand to show the whole map.)

4: Go to where the red dots are, they be special mobs. Killing them have a chance of spawning a Gate to a mini-dungeon.

5: After entering, you'll have a short amount of time to find out what to do lol.
(Ie: Kill boss(es), kill Mimics, attack Rainbow Slimes, Destroy the Nexus, etc.)

6: Boxes will spawn for most of these mini-dungeons. Hopefully you got enough time to open all of them lol.
Silver boxes are the most common (30 shadow coins per box) but Larger Boss challenges will spawn Golden Boxes(100 shadow coins per box).

To check how many coins you have, in the upper right there should be a coinpurse icon that u can click

7: Find a shadow coin NPC to spend your hard earned Shadow coins at!
(you can find the NPC in few places in the shadow world. Else Queenstown will also have the shadow coin shops)
I recommend buying the Random gem boxes (costs 600 coins each)
~Limited stock items restock after about a week~

note: the white box only gives coloured powders. (used to upgrade gems)