Stats are important to any mmorpg, not just Maplestory 2. so learn quickly!

Basic stats:

these are the really basic stats. lolz

Health(HP) This is your health points, if this hits 0, you die.

Defense(DEF) The more you have. The less damage enemies do.

Spirit points(SP) You get 100 and you need it to cast certain skills. Make note of skills that recover/regenerate SP.

Stamina You get 6 ticks of it. Each tick is worth 20. Usually this gets consumed by your classes “Dash” or “Teleport” skill. Regenerates slowly.

Attribute points: this is Extra Attribute points you can allocate to a stat (str,int,dex,luk,hp, crit accuracy). reallocation is free, so experiment away! You can get said Extra attribute points from: Map quests, Certain Trophies, and prestige(after you hit lvl 50).

Skill points: This is points you can use to gain/level up skills in your skill menu, reallocation is free, so experiment away! You can get Skill points from: Leveling up and Certain Trophies.


Main stats are the main damage stat per class. Make sure to have plenty of your classes main stat to boost their damage! (advanced info: Mainstat is multiplied by [class-factor] and then added into phy or magic attack)

Strength(STR) is the mainstat for Berserker, Knight, Runeblade*. Affects physical resistance

Intelligence(INT) is the mainstat for Wizards, Priest, and Runeblade*(sorta). Affects magical resistance

Luck(LUK) is the mainstat for Assassins and Thieves. Affects critical rate.

Dexterity(Dex) is the mainstat for Rangers and Heavy Gunners. Affects physical resistances and accuracy.

Important stats:

Physical attack: Mainstat gets processed into this. Having more will make your physical attacks do more damage.

Magic attack: Mainstat gets processed into this. Having more will make your Magical attacks do more damage.

Weapon attack: You get this from your weapon. Having more weapon attack will make you do more damage.

Bonus attack: It's pretty much weapon attack. Keep an eye on this stat, it'll become more useful dependant on the rarity of you weapon.

Piercing %(aka: Defense penetration防御渗透): Makes ya ignore defense of a target. Very useless early game, but you pretty much need it for chaos raids/Late end game. Gains in combat are logarithmic, and you stop seeing tangible gains around 33%. (aim for at least 20% if you plan to chaos raid)

Physical/Magical Piercing %: Pretty useful both Chaos raids & PVP. This affects Physical/Magical resistance of your target, not defense. (note: gms2 version of chaos raids have higher resistance than their cms2/kms2 counterparts, try to have around 12-20%!)

Accuracy: Affects how likely you are to hit your target. you don't really notice this stat till you need it lolz. (aim for 90+ accuracy. more depending on boss)

Total dmg%: your total damage will increase by this amount. Rare stat, places to find: Set bonuses, Weapon, Pet.

DMG% stats:

All of these stats sorta just get lumped together in damage calculations. (total dmg% excluded from this section!) Check the description of your attack skill to make sure said stat should apply or not/ Check the type of the enemy

Boss dmg%: Lets ya do more damage to bosses.

Ranged/melee/Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison/Dark/Holy dmg%: If your attack skill meets requirement, it'll do more damage.

Critical dmg: How more damage you'll deal when you do a critical. you get 125% by default. note: stat is shown as a number on equip, But it gets converted to a % in your stat window. 100 equals 10% critical dmg%.

Other stats:

Critical rate: Affects critical rate% (see formula below)

Attack speed %: Makes you attack faster. note: Sp regeneration for most classes is not sped up, so make sure your skill set will benefit from it.

movement speed %: more of this makes you walk around faster. Useful for classes that don't have very good dashes/teleport skills.

Physical/Magical resist: Reduces damage you take from physical/magical attacks.

Evasion: How likely you are to dodge your enemy's attack. If an attack misses, you'll see a “MISS”.

Critical evasion: Pretty much reduces your enemy's critical chances against you.

Ranged/melee/Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison/Dark/Holy dmg reduction%: will reduce damage you take depending on the attributes of the enemy's attack.

Perfect guard: How likely a connecting enemies attack will be Guarded. You will see a “GUARD” when it happens. If you guard against an attack that causes a debuff, you won't be debuffed. This stat usually comes from your Shield(knights).

[(Weapon attack + bonus attack*Weaponcoefficient)] x [[mainstat x Classfactor*] + [Phy/Mag attack] x [1 + “all kinds of dmg%”] x [total dmg%] x [skillpower] x RNG

Divided by

[Target defense(1-def%)] x [target phys/mag resistance(1-phy/mag piercing%)]

Weaponcoefficient: depends your your weapons rarity.
2/2.25/2.75 (mainhand/1h/2h) for epic.
4/4.5/5.5 (mainhand/1h/2h) for legendary.

*Class factor:

Physical classes: 1 main stat is about 0.6249 physical attack

Magical classes: 1 INT is about 0.5665 magic attack

Priest: 1 INT is about .4704 magic attack

**“all kinds of dmg%” Excludes total dmg%

Critical rate% = ([(JobFactor x LUK) + (Criticalrate x 5.3)] x 0.015)

Job factor:

Knight/Runeblade = 3.78

Wizard/Soulbinder = 3.40375

HeavyGunner/Striker = 2.03875

Berserker = 4.305

Priest = 7.34125

Ranger = 6.4575

Thief = 0.60375

Assassin = 0.55125

Special thanks to miyu!