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 =====2. Damage formula===== =====2. Damage formula=====
 <WRAP round box 80%> <WRAP round box 80%>
-<fs small>​[(Weapon attack + bonus attack)] x [[mainstat x Classfactor*] + [Phy/Mag attack] x ["all kinds of dmg%"* *] x [total dmg%] x [skillpower] x RNG</​fs>​+<fs small>​[(Weapon attack + bonus attack*Weaponcoefficient)] x [[mainstat x Classfactor*] + [Phy/Mag attack] x [1 + "all kinds of dmg%"] x [total dmg%] x [skillpower] x RNG</​fs>​
 Divided by Divided by
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +Weaponcoefficient:​ depends your your weapons rarity. \\
 +2/2.25/2.75 (mainhand/​1h/​2h) for epic. \\
 +4/4.5/5.5 (mainhand/​1h/​2h) for legendary. \\
 *Class factor: *Class factor: